How To Setup Tem Mart Blogger Template

The Tem Mart is a clean snappy magazine responsive blogger layout that permits you to concentrate on content including technology, games, travel goals, films, blogger magazines, innovation, etc. With an appealing shading mix and dazzled experts and has numerous highlights.

With attention on lessening ricochet rates, while expanding promotion introduction, this topic will keep your guests looking with increasingly content all while augmenting your advertisement income! On the off chance that you are searching for a Magazine style blogger layout, at that point this is the best alternative for you. I am very much cheery to promulgate that Tem Mart template for blogger is released for you just now.
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Docs of Tem Mart

How to change the logo

  1. To change the logo of this theme then click on create a new post 
  2. Now upload your logo on the new post
  3. Now go to the theme edit HTML and search for
  4. Now copy your logo image URL and changed it with this URL.
  5. Save & Enjoy.

How  to edit the menu

It's so easy to edit the menu of this theme, just copy the text and search on the theme edit HTML.

After you found the menu code then change the URL and save the theme.

How to edit the footer

For editing the footer area go to the widget section then you will get all the footer widgets here.

Now change what you want.

How to write a post

To write a perfect post on this theme copy the below HTML code then paste this code on the post editor HTML mode.
<img alt="Profile Landing Page ST Blogger Template" border="0" data-original-height="651" data-original-width="1366" height="304" src="" title="Profile Landing Page ST Blogger Template" width="640" /><span style="text-align: left;">Profile Landing Page ST Blogger Template Free Download.</span>
<br />
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="text-align: left;"><tbody>
<tr>             <th>Features</th>             <th>Availability</th>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Responsive</td>             <td>True  <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">check</a></td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Google Testing Tool Validator</td>             <td>True <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">check</a></td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Mobile Friendly</td>             <td>True <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">check</a></td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Dynamic Heading</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Adsense</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Valid</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>High CTR</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Personal Blog</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>2 Column Grid</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Auto Read More with Thumbnail</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Responsive Ad Slot</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Breadcrumbs</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Footer Link</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Related Posts with Thumb</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Search Box</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Social Share Button</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Back to Top Button</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Shortcodes</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Unlimited Page Numbered</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Custom Contact Form Widget</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
<tr>             <td>Responsive Sitemap Widget</td>             <td>True</td>         </tr>
</tbody> </table>
<div style="display: none;">
<div id="Theme-details">
<div id="store-style">
<a class="storebutton but1" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Preview</a>   <br />
<div class="rio-ss idb">
See it live with all the features that exist, both on the homepage and the page posts.</div>
<a class="download-button" href="" rel="nofollow">Download Free Premium</a></div>

Now change everything with your theme details for getting a perfect post.


This not the official docs of the Tem Mart theme. I hope you will understand how to set up the Tem Mart blogger theme. If you face any problem with these docs then comment down below.
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